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Property for sale in Italy


   Our professionals (lawyers, certified specialists on commercial law, architects) quickly and cheaply provide wide scope of various services for all who intend to conduct economic activity in Italy. We can provide consultations on tax questions (for example, for definition of what operations need to be performed for restriction of the amount of the taxes which are subject to payment as in Italy, in comparison with Russia, they can be quite high), legal advice (for example, for drawing up and signing of contracts of purchase and sale, services, rent or for drawing up the charter of the company, support when obtaining the residence permit, etc.), urbanistic and cadastral consultations (necessary for purchase of the real estate).

   As for legal advice, it is worth mentioning a possibility of involvement of experts in commercial, corporate and tax questions both for businessmen, and for individuals in the widest range, the most rational and organic image.

   From the same point of view, we can help innovative undertakings. The main objective, in this case, is in allowing the company to take the correct orientation from the very beginning of activity and to use new business opportunities. Needless to say that our lawyers will be able to help you with any emergency situations and also during criminal and civil cases.

   Presence of the professional interpreter on previously made appointment is guaranteed.


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