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Italy is Bel paese, as Dante praised it – a beautiful country with rich history, beautiful climate, amazing and unique nature, delicious and, most important, in terms of proper nutrition, healthy, varied and nutritious cuisine. On arrival, Italy you should want to be a part of this rich, diverse and, at first glance, believe us, only at the first, frivolous world. Tourist trips according the principle of "galloping across Europe" will not give you such an opportunity. To understand and feel Italy, you need to live here or live and work, depending on what you are looking for in life.

We offer a variety of real estate, which you can purchase if you want. Look, think, if you have any other requests, just contact us and we will find for you your dream home. Russian writer N.V. Gogol wrote in a letter to Russian philosopher A.S. Danilevsky in April 1837: "In short, all Europe to watch, and Italy for life."

In Italy, there is everything a person can wish for from life, you just need to be able to look for it! And we are here for it!

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Castle 40 km from Rome (Lazio region)

Farm House in Umbria

Mill (hotel) in Tuscany

Apartment in Piazza Navona (Rome)

Winery near Perugia (Umbria)


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