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The Agency's activities are carried out in close cooperation with the largest real estate agency in Italy, leading legal and notary offices, including the international law specialists, studios of specialists in commercial law and tax matters, located in the historic center of Rome. Customer orders are carried out by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the territory of the city of Rome, the Lazio metropolitan region and nearby regions. However, by agreement, to meet customer requests in other regions of Italy, short-term business trips are possible, not only for Agency staff, but also for lawyers and auditors involved in the work of the Agency.



We offer the following services:


Full support for the rental / purchase / sale of real estate in Italy, includes the following:

  • Search for property or potential buyers with the provision of relevant reports;
  • Providing the services of a professional interpreter for assistance at each stage of negotiations;
  • Obtaining Italian individual taxpayer number required for a transaction using power of attorney;
  • Translation of preliminary (if necessary) and final act of sale and purchase of the property into English/Russian;
  • The provision of translation services and Russian-speaking witnesses for the transaction at the notary;
  • Registration in all necessary instances of acquired real estate in Italy for a new owner, obtaining relevant documentation which confirms ownership of real estate in Italy;
  • Independent assessment of the object with the assistance of relevant specialists or licensed companies;
  • Obtaining energy certificate of the property required for the Act of purchase and sale;
  • Property administration, including rental, contacts with the building administrator, participation in the general meeting of co-owners by proxy, control over: compliance with the contractual terms of the lease, tax payment, utility payments, integrity of the acquired property, correspondence processing.

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  • Advice on the possibility of opening/conducting economic activity in Italy, if necessary with the involvement of a lawyer and a specialist in commercial law and tax matters;
  • Services for the creation and registration of enterprises of any form of ownership in Italy, including the preparation of constituent documents, their notarization, accreditation of an enterprise in the Chamber of Commerce, and obtaining a VAT number in Italy;
  • Organizational support in calling Constituent Assemblies of any type, including notarization and registration with the Chamber of Commerce, if necessary, of decisions of the Constituent Assembly;
  • Search for a client request for the acquisition of a ready business in Italy;
  • Market research at the request of the client;
  • Obtaining licenses required for the activities of the company under the laws of Italy, as well as registration of trademarks;
  • Legal, accounting, auditing and translation support for ready-made businesses in Italy;
  • Provision of a temporary or permanent legal address;
  • Requests for certificates in the administrative institutions of Italy and, if necessary, obtaining apostille, translation and legalization;
  • Getting a taxpayer number for companies and individuals;
  • Full range of legal services: legal advice in administrative, civil and criminal matters, services in international and commercial law, including the presence of an accredited interpreter in civil and criminal proceedings;
  • The provision of banking services on already existing accounts and deposits;
  • Assistance in opening personal and commercial bank accounts;
  • Assistance in the conclusion of personal and commercial insurance policies with GENERALI as leading Italian insurance company;
  • Organizational services for obtaining a chosen place of residence (right to live without employment);
  • Organizational services in obtaining citizenship of Italy;
  • Providing the services of a professional interpreter for any type of support, including in the event of a critical situation arising during your stay in Italy: loss of documents or theft of personal belongings, communication with a doctor and organization of a visit to a specialist doctor and other situations;
  • Translation of all types of documents with certification.

All the above services will be provided for the client in the presence of the necessary requisites in accordance with the requirements of Italian law.

We guarantee maximum professionalism, responsibility, confidentiality and compliance with the deadlines for the execution of the work assigned.

Contact Information:

Dubinina Elena Sergeevna

+39 329 2077561 (mob., Whatsapp, Viber) - in Russian, English, or Italian



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