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The official name is the Republic of Italy. It is formed in 1861. The capital is Rome (2,8 million people). The political system is the unitary republic of parliamentary type. The country is a member of the European Union, with Schengen agreement on visas; currency is euro. Population is 60 million people. The country includes 20 regions (see the map). The climate is subtropical Mediterranean. The main geographical features are the Alps, the Apennino mountains, region of Lake Garda, volcanoes (Vesuvius, Etna), islands (Sardinia, Sicily). The country is surrounded by four seas: Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ionic, and Tyrrhenian.

The economy of Italy takes an important place both in Europe, and in the world. The industry and agriculture are developed. The incomplete list of the most known Italian companies includes well-known names: Ansaldo Energia, Armani, Barilla, Beretta, De'Longhi, Ducati, Enel, Eni, Ferrari, Ferrero, Fiat, Indesit, Lamborghini, Maserati, Parmalat, Pirelli, Prada, Versache.

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